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Montessori Teaching

Our teachers employ elements of the Montessori methodology in order to teach students independence and personal responsibility while also exploring personal Interests.


Transitional Programs

We work with local community programs such as Grad Solutions and Smart Schools to help our students receive their High School Diploma, receive tutoring services, and other transitional services as needed in order to graduate. 

Therapy Services

We consult with a Speech and Occupational Therapist on all our students' strengths and needs each week. Students are welcome to have their own private therapist sessions at our school during school hours.

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Animal Therapy

We work with an amazing local non-profit called Pawisitive Friendships for our animal therapy on a biweekly basis. Our students love the opportunity to learn proper animal handling, meet familiar furry friends, and unwind with new best buddies. 

After School Activities

More information coming soon!

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